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We have reached a milestone! We are proudly entering our 20th year of connecting fashion brands from around the globe to the right sales reps, agents and distributors in the USA and Canada. Our clients are designers and manufacturers that are looking to find the right sales people that can change the future of a brand. Many of the brands we help are well estabished at home but new to the American market. Others are American and Canadian brands expanding on their own soil, while some are new to wholesale altogether. We ensure each brand is equipped with an individualized wholesale strategy that is specific to the American market that they are entering and in-step with the differing timelines for sampling, selling and delivery. 

Ours is a professional and guaranteed service that has proven instrumental in the success of the brands we work with. 

"What a wonderful job you did!! The right sales reps are on board, EXCITED AND SELLING. What can I say... 
A perfect fit! Thank You and again Carol.

-Doug Wimble, Boo Radley brand Australia.

I ‘ve used Carol Van Wyck’s services several times during my career. Her network of professional reps in the US and Canada were able to bring in business within a short period of time. Carol’s agents were interested and eager…nearly every line she placed over the years did very well for us. "  

-Steven MacPhail, Landes, VP Sales & Marketing North America

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    Hire sales reps you may never meet without our help. 

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*  ​   Receive full rep background info prior to interviews.